Developing a clean coaching philosophy

The environment in which you coach and train your athletes will set the scene for a culture of clean sport.  Make sure your coaching philosophy promotes the values and principles that reflect clean and fair sport.

Here are our top tips:

  • actively promote the value of clean sport
  • reward excellence and results that come as a result of hard work and determination
  • discuss anti-doping with athletes and make sure they know you’re committed to clean sport
  • know the anti-doping rules and how they apply to athletes
  • help athletes  to understand what they need to do to comply with the rules
  • advise athletes on taking medications and the Therapeutic Use Exemption process
  • encourage athletes to attend Drug Free Sport NZ anti-doping education seminars
  • understand the risks around supplements
  • be able to act as an athlete support person during a test
  • report any instance or suspicion of doping to Drug Free Sport NZ.

For some more tips on what it takes for athletes to compete clean, check out this video message from reformed doper and one-time Tour de France cyclist, Tyler Hamilton. 

Remember, if you’re not sure about something – ask.  You can contact Drug Free Sport NZ if you have any questions or your not clear about anything.