Athlete biological passport

In addition to the regular urine and blood tests, Drug Free Sport NZ also operates an Athlete Biological Passport (ABP) programme.

This involves the analysis of a series of samples to monitor certain biomarkers which over time can reveal the effects of doping, as opposed to a test to identify a specific substance or method. Routine biological parameters such as haemoglobin, or testosterone are measured, which allows unusual variations to be detected. 

Monitoring variables in this way can provide Drug Free Sport NZ with information which could lead to further investigation and targeted testing.

The ABP is made up of two modules; the haematological and the steroidal module. They are designed to monitor athletes over time, comparing recent test results to their own biological profile. The Haematological module monitors an athletes blood components and is effective at indicating use of erythropoietin/EPO or blood transfusions. The steroidal module monitors an athletes natural steroid production and can identify when prohibited substances are introduced.

The ABP enables the detection of doping that would normally be undetectable by normal laboratory analysis.  This testing helps us to protect clean athletes, and promote clean sport.

Only selected samples are analysed in this way.

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