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Protecting clean athletes and promoting clean sport

What we do

Clean sport is our goal. We’re here to support everyone involved in New Zealand sport - the athletes, coaches, whānau and support personnel - by:
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    Educating, supporting and advocating for clean athletes

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    Deterring and detecting dopers; holding dopers to account

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    Engaging with our wider sporting communities

2022 Prohibited List changes

ALL glucocorticoid injections will be prohibited in-competition from 2022. Find out more about this and other key Prohibited List 2022 changes.

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Kia pai, kia harikoa hoki Te Wiki o te Reo Māori

See how we celebrated Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori and find our new Te Reo Māori resources. Kaitākaro pūroi kore; Hākinakina pūroi kore.

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Good Clean Sport School Toolkit

Bring award-winning clean sport education to your students and youth sport superstars with Drug Free Sport New Zealand's comprehensive 5-lesson toolkit, free for all NZ intermediate and secondary schools.

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Your role in clean sport

Everyone has a role to play in supporting athletes to play clean. Find out what you can do, whether you're a parent, whānau, coach, medical professional or NSO.

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