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Drug Free Sport New Zealand

Protecting clean athletes and promoting clean sport

What we do

Clean sport is our goal. We’re here to support everyone involved in New Zealand sport - the athletes, coaches, whānau and support personnel - by:
  • 'Education and advocacy' icon.

    Educating, supporting and advocating for clean athletes

  • 'Detecting and deterring dopers' icon.

    Deterring and detecting dopers; holding dopers to account

  • Sport engagement icon.

    Engaging with our wider sporting communities

These substances can get you sanctioned

Don't get caught out by anti-doping rules. Don't use, buy, keep or share these banned substances or you could face an anti-doping sanction, whatever your level of competition.

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Anti-doping e-learning

Join thousands of Kiwi athletes, coaches, whānau and supporters by getting educated on anti-doping. Learn your role in keeping sport clean and key anti-doping tikanga that can protect you from silly mistakes.

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Cassie Fein: How a supplement changed my life

Australian marathon runner Cassie Fien considered herself a “straighty 180”. A good person, who did everything above board. She was careful. She never imagined she’d find herself testing positive for a banned substance.

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