Information for athlete support personnel on the 2015 World Anti-Doping Code

The revised Code introduces significant changes for athlete support personnel.  In particular, those who support athletes need to be aware that they are now explicitly bound by the anti-doping rules and can be penalised accordingly.

You can check out our factsheet on key changes included in the 2015 World Anti-Doping Code here.

Athlete support personnel should be aware of the following:

Two new anti-doping rule violations

  •  Prohibited Association: associating with a person, such as a coach, doctor, physiotherapist etc, who has been found guilty of doping offence
  •  Complicity: assisting, encouraging, or helping to cover-up a doping offence.

If you’ve ever been found guilty of a doping offence, you need to let the athletes you work with know.

Responsibilities of athlete support personnel

The revised Code also states that athlete support personnel:

  •     will be investigated if an anti-doping violation involves a minor or they have provided support to more than one athlete who has committed a violation
  •     should report any doping activity to Drug Free Sport NZ
  •     let Drug Free Sport NZ and their National Sports Organisation or International Federation know if they have committed a doping offence in the past ten years.

In addition, the code clearly defines the roles and responsibilities of athlete support personnel.  These include:

  •     understanding and complying with the World Anti-Doping Code
  •     cooperating with Drug Free Sport NZ’s testing programme
  •     influencing athletes to promote anti-doping attitudes
  •     cooperating with Drug Free Sport NZ investigations
  •     not using or possessing any prohibited substance or method.

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